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Friday, 14 March 2008

Why? Who? Where? When?

Why would anyone wear these?

If it's cold enough for boots then why would you want your toes to brave the freezing cold or even worse the ice cold rain?
If it's hot enough for open toed footwear then why would you want to encase your ankles in leather so they become sweaty and uncomfortable.

Who would wear these?

You would have to be a "real" fashion victim to wear these and also not mind either sweaty, hot ankles or freezing cold and wet toes.

Where would anyone wear these>

I can't imagine these being worn anywhere but on the runway. The cold, discomfort or the sweaty, heat would be a big no-no for most of us. Surely?

When would you wear these?

I can't imagine a time I would wear these. I can't imagine anyone wearing these off-stage or catwalk. I guess the answer is never unless you know different?

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tkwi said...

You'd be surprised. Check out the ugly Mary Jane shoes I had to order (on my blog) because I went to every shoe store in my town and could not get any shoes on my fat foot.

How often to you see women wearing dress shoes that are adjustable velcro?

And hey, those ugly black boots have a zipper. They might even fit me.