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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Finally It's Spring.

What’s the best part of spring?
What’s the worst part of spring?
What does spring time mean to you?
Do you get spring fever?
Do you give your house a good spring cleaning?
How has Daylight Saving Time changed your routine?
What’s the best thing about Daylight Saving Time?
What’s the worst? (other than the loss of time, of course - be original! ).
I'm guessing people will think of Spring and say how they feel renewed, energised, how it's a time for new beginnings, thoroughly cleaning the house, fluffy bunnies and baby lambs gambolling through lush green grass etc blah, blah, blah.
For me Spring means hope, hope that the weather will get warmer, hope that I will finally stop shivering and hunching my shoulders to try to keep warm. It means that gorgeous freshly mown grass smell and that clean smell you get after the rain. The downside is the smell of fresh manure when you drive past farm fields, not quite as pleasant as mown grass but just as memorable!
I don't get "spring fever", I'm just as miserable during Spring and Summer as I am in Autumn and Winter. I definately don't get the urge to spring clean the house although I'd be ecstatic if someone would do it for me, specially as I must be on the environmental agency's mess radar by now. A clean, neat home is lovely but damn it you need inclination and energy to do so and I have less than none. That is the worst thing there's nothing worse than knowing you should be doing something you just really, really don't want to do.
I always think of Spring as a nothing month, it's not snowy or really hot. There's no real change in weather. I'm no farmer so the birth of new animals means nothing to me. I've given up on being tidy and houseproud, it doesn't work. All Spring really means to me is the week off school and the excessive amount of chocolate he will shovel down his throat.

2 people have experienced mischief:

Teena said...

I'd love to have someone clean my place too! Ha!

Mine's up!

Sue said...

Mmmmmm chocolate!!!! Happy Sring :) Mine's up now too.