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Monday, 13 October 2008

Sex and Drugs Deterrent.

Is it just me or could this photo be used as a poster to put teens off drugs?

I think it would be really effective.

Or maybe it could be used for contraceptive purposes I'm sure any boy seeing this would be put off!

A silence I hated.

As I was coming home from delivering my son to school on my mobility scooter I had the "joy" of being stuck behind a truck slowly going through the village on route to a place I try not to think about ever. A place that has an aura / vibe that sucks all joy from you within a ten mile distance.

The truck was a filthy, dirty, muddy dark green truck with the back and both sides open, so I had a "wonderful" view of its completely silent cargo.

A view pretty identical to this:

Not the most pleasant sight is it!

I was stuck there behind this view all the way along the main road through the village but what really got me was that these chickens, crammed into cages seemed to know they were headed to certain death. They were completely silent, not even a single cheep or cluck. It was as if they knew.

It was awful, I can't get the sight off my mind, the silence, I could even sense their feelings of doom. I'm not kidding, I could feel it all around me. I will never forget it.

I'll never eat another meal that looks like this again. I just can't.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Blooming School!

I thought once my son went to school full-time that I would have all this free-time to do stuff like surfing, blogging, watching tv housework, chores and errands, but instead I find myself with less inclination time than ever.

Every day there's something new I have to do for school from ironing and washing to reading with my son to preparing lunches and snack. Worst of all is trying to provide a healthy lunch and two snacks. It's not as easy as just bunging a couple of apples in his snack bags I have to provide variety obviously and OMG the price of healthy options. I spend more on lunch and snacks for a five year old than I do on a weeks meals for two adults and one kid.
The school has a few things that they will not accept in a childs lunch or snack like anything that contains nuts, yoghurt, crisps (U.S call them chips) or anything unhealthy like chocolate, cake or even muffins. You would not believe how this limits the foods I can send.

The school has banned all the foods my son really, really likes!

I swear if his school had a cafeteria I would pay for his lunches and it would still be cheaper.
I can remember having school lunches and I enjoyed the majority of them but of course things have changed since I was at school so maybe my son wouldn't like them? I can't wait to find out though lol.

I'm not too impressed with the school as I've heard (from another mother) that one five year old actually managed to leave the premises without anyone knowing. Luckily he was seen by a mother going to collect her child for an appointment and brought back in but that's really not the point. How can I relax and trust this school to keep my most priceless, precious and loved person in all the world safe after knowing this has happened?

Also my son was poked in the eye by another child and his eye was red and swollen when I collected him from school. The teacher and her two assistants hadn't even noticed! The eye was scarlet and really puffy, it was the first thing I noticed but none of them did.

I'm not impressed at all.