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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

My Imaginary Ideal Man.

Essentials For My Ideal Man.

I'm a fussy, picky, impatient person, I expect perfection and I'm not easy to live with if everything isn't perfect. I have strong held opinions on my ideal man and just because I feel like it here they are:
(I'm sorry Robin but this post may make you feel bad).



Mr Ideal must have a brain and be capable of logic at least most of the time. He must be able to hold a conversation on a variety of subjects, be willing and able to learn new things and know things I don't. I don't mean an Einstein but he has to be able to keep and hold my interest.


I'd like to say that looks don't matter to me but I'm shallow and they do, they matter a lot. My ideal man has to be tall, around the six foot mark and he can't be a skinny weakling either. Those seven stone weaklings just leave me cold. A rugby build is much sexier, it makes you feel like you could relax, safe in the knowledge that he can take care of himself and you.
A bonus in having a good looking guy is that my friends (if I had any) would be jealous or at least complimentry.

The downside is that he will be popular to all the women who don't care about whether he has a wife or not.

Financially Solvent.

It would be lovely to never have to worry about bills or grocery money. To have money for hobbies and entertainment or the odd meal out. I'd love to have a decent car, money for petrol and actually own the house I live in.

Character And Morals.

He would have to have a moral code and not be materialistic. I'd like him to be willing to help people, be hard working and be honest and faithful. He should also be dependable and a good daddy.
He must also really like my mum.


Desirable qualities is a pretty much never ending list that changes depending on my mood. At the moment these qualities include:

  • Generosity.
  • Patience.
  • Lack of machismo or sexism.
  • Sense of humour.
  • Hygiene (ok this one is essential).
  • Car driver.

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