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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Next 20 Years.

In The Next Twenty Years.

In twenty years time my life will have changed beyond all recognition and so will the world and society in general. This isn't exactly ground-breaking news, we only have to look back to 1988 to see just how changed life and society can be in twenty years.


In twenty years my son will be twenty-four, an adult, a man, a grown up. This is such a horrible thought. I don't want my little boy to grow up, he's got too grown up and independent as it is and he's only four.
I expect he'll be living his own life hopefully in his own home with a family of his own. I hope he'll visit regularly and not just for me to babysit. I want him to visit because he wants to not because he feels he has to. I hope he'll have a good job he enjoys and one that pays extremely well would be good as Robin and I wont have any money or assets, not unless a miracle happens anyway.


By the time twenty years have passed I will be in my fifties, hopefully in no worse health than now but truth be told that is unlikely. I will still be diabetic, still have psoriasis but there could be great differences in how conditions (I don't like to say diseases or illnesses) are treated. There could be cures like an injection of something that repairs or creates a pancreas so diabetes will no longer exist. Anything is possible specially when we as the general population have no real, true knowledge on what is being created medical and scientific research wise.

The world and society as we know it now will have changed. Global warming and climate change will have affected us all and how we live our day to day lives. I suspect that we will have new deadly diseases to try to cure and limit like aids and sars.


Fashion tends to go in cycles like the recent trends in flares, smock tops and mini/maxi skirts.
I'm sure there will be new materials and denim jeans will be as popular in the future as they are now. I don't think women will be running around in mini-skirts or all-in-one pantsuits (sorry guys) but I do expect teenage girls to be wearing as little as possible as they always have done. I think we will have more clothing choices with built in protection from UV rays specially with the damaged ozone layer letting more and more rays in.


Education will be different as most countries are experiencing a "brain drain" and we will need to change our current education laws to stay on top of new technologies. I think home schooling will be more common place specially as the internet will be easily available to all. I think most children will be technologically minded and we as parents will need their instruction and advice more and more with each passing year.

Crime & Law.

There will have to be new laws to contend with the new crimes the mass usage of technology and because criminals are getting increasingly technical orientated.


Money will have changed as I think most people will not carry cash but cards to pay for everything. You can see this happening now and as more and more places like shops accept a multitude of cards this way of paying will increase. Plus shopping online just can't be done with cash.


There will have been changes in transport both private and public specially when it comes to fuel. Petrol wont be around forever and new ways of powering cars etc will have to be found, maybe electricity will be an option or solar powered card in countries where they have enough sun.
Anything is possible even a decent, regular public transport system although I think it will take more than twenty years for that to happen, specially in rural areas like where I live.


Housing will be more apartment or flat based because more homes can be built on the same plot of land that way. The population is increasing and homes will be needed although it is possible if prices continue to soar like they are now that none but the richest will be able to even think of owning a home.


We will all have huge tv's maybe wall size like you see in sci-fi films so you can eat looking at the sea for example. They will be integrated with the ability to shop, communicate (via a screen) and watch tv. There will be new ways of exercising and having fun energetically. I imagine the wii will be the basis for the new games etc as I can see this being expanded upon much like radio waves gave us morse code and then expanded to radio, tv and the like.

Last Thoughts On The Subject.

Hopefully nuclear war wont be as constantly imminent as it is now and all nations and religions will co-exist together peacefully and tolerantly but I can't see it being the case. I think the main problem we will have will be due to religious differences and a lack of compassion and tolerance.

I don't look forward to all changes but I can see that many are needed and wanted.

As long as food particularly chocolate doesn't become a pill then I'll be happy. I'd be ecstatic if cooking became a thing of the past and we just told the electronic hatch what we wanted and it appeared just like it does in Star Trek. I'd love a robot to do the housework too (I'm more than willing to test any prototypes).

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Scribbit said...

Interesting predictions--I'll have to check back in twenty years and see how close you came :)

tkwi said...

Yep, everything recycles through the ages. I just heard "big hair" is coming back. I'll feel more comfortable when the 80's are fully popular again.


Pendullum said...

Photo copy and revisit in ten years...See how much has changed and see what you may alter...As a difference a day makes...Can you imagine five vs. twenty...