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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Miracles do happen.

This photo is proof that miracles do happen even if they don't make us ecstatically happy.
The woman is that well known drug addict supermodel "Kate Moss" and her daughter "Lila".

Just look how happy they are to spend time together!

Kate is known for snorting cocaine partying, being drunk and having a relationship with drug addict rocker Pete Docherty. She is not known for ever spending any time or thought on her daughter who is left under the care of whatever slave nanny Kate is currently employing.

Dressing your young daughter in pristine white would be a no-no for any mother with hands on experience of raising a child.
Children are meant to be noisy and dare I say it mucky. This outfit looks like a return to the sit still, children should be seen and not heard school of thought.

I can't decide which one looks unhappier to be stuck with the other.
BUT on the whole it's the little girl I feel sorry for after all we can't choose our mothers but at least she isn't likely to have to see her mother for the rest of the year.
Not if her life up till now is any indication.

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