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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Dr Seuss is my doctor

I went to see my family doctor about my black out. I don't want it to happen again like when I'm halfway down the stairs or on my own so best foot forward and all that, I went to see my doctor.
I was doomed lucky enough to see the owner/doctor, the one in charge of the entire practice and all the other doctors.

I told him about the 4 days of constant diarrhoea and the blackout.
Then he questioned me on

My diabetes and sugar levels.
If you are a diabetic then no matter what is wrong with you all the doctor will care about is your diabetes. It could be a broken arm, migraine or even toothache but all the doctor will hear is "diabetic".

It drives me mad!

The doctor decided that the blackout happened because my sugar levels went too low.
The fact I ate nothing after that would have raised them and that I did not end up with a low sugar attack proves to anyone with half a brain cell that my levels were most definately not to blame.

He would not hear any of this, he had made up his mind and nothing would change it.

His recommendation:

Don't take any more insulin.

That's like telling an asthmatic not to breathe any more air.

The scary thing is this man is in control of my health.

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tkwi said...

Get a second opinion, or a third, or a fourth, or a fifth...
remember I saw 9 different doctors before someone correctly diagnosed my genetic foot disorder.