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Monday, 12 November 2007

Devil Child vs Hopeless Authority

The Devil Child.

This week my little angel turned into the spawn of the devil.
A doppelganger has taken my sons place and left me with a child I do not know.
In just two days he subjected me to

• Screaming
• Kicking
• Cussing me
• Ignoring me
• Doing the opposite to what I say
• Refusing meals but happy to eat chocolate
• Telling me to shut up
• Running away from me
• Asking someone else when I’ve already told him “no”
• Drawing on the wall
• Drawing on the sofa
• Answering the phone
• Spitting at me

Where did this behaviour come from?

I’ve seen it before of course after all I’m his mum, I’m the one he usually directs it at, but I’ve never seen it all at the same time and worst of all is that he finds it funny.
When he sees he’s pushed me almost to the limit, he has a beaming grin and the heartiest chuckle I’ve ever heard.

It’s soul destroying, it’s destroyed what little belief I had in my parenting ability and any confidence I had in myself as a mother.

I know all about the terrible two's but the terrible fours is new to me and I really don't know how to deal with this. If time-outs, being sent to bed, explaining why the behaviour is wrong, punishments (taking away of toys etc) and even tears don't work then what is left?

Besides waiting for a miracle?

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awannabe said...

Spanking. It works...

Pendullum said...

Poor You...
We all have had our 'moments'...
The only thing that I would suggest is to have a stair and a timer...
A minute for each offence...
And after the time is up, go back and readdress the offence...
Do not send him to his room... As his room is not a place of punishment... as that will come back to bite you... SO to speak...

MrsC♥ said...

I'm sorry, smacking does NOT work, it just teaches children that its okay to hit another person if they don't like what they are doing, that's how bullies/thugs/abusers are born!! I NEVER EVER smack my child (WHY would i want to HURT my son?????). He's now 9 year old and he behaves in a way that i am so proud of him. My son's worst behaviour is not concentrating and being over chatty! He doesn't curse in any way, he won't even say shut up, stupid (when directing it at another person), idiot, flipping heck...where most of his friends are at the point of say at least crap or shit and i can assure you i've never had to harm my child to stop him.

I'm my opinion, when your little man is naughty...IGNORE, IGNORE and INGORE some more. If you react then they are getting negative attention and thats bad, the attention they need is positive, especially at such a young age.

I know its difficult, my nephew is 6 years old and has just been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. I went there the other day and he charged at me with a broom in an angry way shouting at me to get out of his house, all i did was take the broom from him, put it down and walked away. I SAID NOTHING! NOT A WORD. Do not communicate with your little boy until he is calm and when he is, then chat with him about what he did to mummy and why. I know its sound cliched but i promise it works.