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Monday, 12 November 2007

How My Parents Choices Affected Mine.

How did your parents’ careers impact your plans for a future career?

The person that has most affected my choices and decisions in life is my mother. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways and has taught me the value of working hard and of education.

Mum taught me to read and introduced me to a wide range of genres I would most likely not have discovered otherwise. I learnt to enjoy learning for it's own sake, to always be open to new ideas and thoughts which is in it's turn a learning opportunity.

Career wise my mum made the most of her educational opportunities and has worked in a job where she can help people navigate official red tape.
Mum's job requires her to use her brain and knowledge and neither her nor myself would be happy working on something like a manufacturing line.
She is very much a "people-person" and I have been influenced by this.

My career dream from childhood onwards was to work in the probation service helping offenders with life after prison or social work. This would involve using knowledge and navigating red-tape just like my mum does now.

My current job is being a mum to my four year old and I try to emulate my own mothers parenting style although my success is dependent on which of my character flaws are to the fore.

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