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Thursday, 17 April 2008


I never have been and never will be a fashionista or a style icon, fashion and me will never even be acquaintances. Colours that should be worn when and with what, styles, mini, maxi, a-line (what?) are all well beyond me. A pair of jeans is a pair of jeans, something comfy that I wear to leave the house and cover my bits nothing to do with making a "statement".
I cannot see the sense in spending a fortune on an item of clothing which I wouldn't be able to wear within three months because it's dated and out of style. I could buy seven or eight pairs of jeans from a charity shop for the same price as one cheap fashionable pair and wear them for years with no worries about what I look like.


Even I know this outfit is just plain wrong and really for a red carpet event being worn by a "celebrity" I'm flummoxed.
This makes me glad I'm not fashionable.

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tkwi said...

Who is the old hag? One of the Oleson twins? Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!