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Monday, 14 April 2008

Survey Results For My Local Hospital.

These are the results for my major local hospital and although the results are disgustingly bad they aren't as bad as I had expected. Bear in mind that many potential patients refuse to be treated there.

GWH slammed over lack of care
PATIENT satisfaction is on the slide at Swindon's hospital.

That's the findings of the Picker report from July 2007 to assess patient perceptions of the NHS up and down the country.

Almost 500 in-patients at the Great Western Hospital completed the questionnaire. And compared to the 2006 report, the hospital performed significantly worse on 18 questions.

The Swindon and Marlborough Trust, which runs the hospital, said steps are now being taken to address the concerns raised.

"This is not a flattering report," said trust spokesman Chris Birdsall.

"We're disappointed with it but things are improving and have improved since last summer."

Compared to other hospital trusts in the country the Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust ranked above national averages in four area's questions and significantly below it on 37.

Some of the areas the trust performed poorly in included a perceived lack of nurses on duty, ward cleanliness and a lack of explanation on getting to a room, ward or bed.

Another problem was doctors' lack of respect for patients and the lack of opportunity to discuss treatment with them.

BUT it is not all bad news for the hospital. Figures from the Healthcare Commission's national 2007 survey reveals the hospital has a workforce that feels supported by management with a good work and lifestyle balance.

Although hospital staff did raise concerns about being overworked, harrassed, bullied or abused by patients and relatives.

I could add so much to this list from substandard and inedible food, to uncaring and neglectful staff, litter and general unhygienic wards and staff not forgetting the patients who have died needlessly in recent years through lack of care or being given the wrong medicines because medicines weren't stored or even checked correctly.
Recently a lady giving birth was given an epidural drug through an iv drip in her wrist and died. The drug was not only "stored" in an unlabeled cardboard box dumped in an unlocked room but was administered wrongly with no checks and caused her death.
Sadly this is just one example of it's substandard care and a "public apology" just doesn't cut it somehow.

I wouldn't trust this hospital to look after vermin let alone human lives.

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