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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Blog Talking About Jokes.

Time for another writing prompt:

What is a joke to you?
What do you find funny?
Do you appreciate a good practical joke, or do you think practical jokes are cruel?
What is the best joke you’ve ever played on someone.
What is the best joke you’ve ever heard?

I'm not one of those people that find the latest comedy series that everyone is talking about funny. Like the tv show "Friends" at best I would now and again raise a slight smile. I find most comedies are too contrived or the situations are just too far fetched. Many comedies and jokes in real life are directed at people and hurt the victims feelings. That isn't funny to me. Too much so called humour stops only just a smidge short of being downright nasty. There are jokes about looks, weight, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender, race, colour on many shows nowadays and I tend to feel for the person being made fun of too much to ever find it funny.

I find things that are funny without degrading a person or a race etc funny although I have to admit seeing someone hurt themselves or trip (without serious injury) can have me crying with laughter but I'm just nasty like that. There was a tv show in the 80's called "The Golden Girls" about four senior ladies who shared a house, it was one of the funniest shows ever and although the comedy was aimed at each one of the characters it was never nasty. We need more of that type of humour nowadays.

If the jokes shown on tv and in real life took other peoples feelings into account and weren't made at the expense of someone else then maybe those tv shows would help show the kids of today how it is possible to have fun without obliterating someones self esteem or hurting them.
Maybe just maybe (although I may be being idealistic here) it would help give the younger members of society a bit more respect for others and slowly but surely filter through so that we would all think of others just a bit more, learn how to be fun and funny and not go for getting the laugh or that level of popularity at the expense of others.

3 people have experienced mischief:

Anonymous said...

I grew up watching The Golden Girls with my grandmother! You're right; we could use more shows with that kind of humor these days.

Laura said...

I wish they made more family shows in general and a lot less stuff about murderers.

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Hi Amanda -- I like the humor on some of the old shows, Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch, Andy Griffin because it is based on real life situations that we all can relate too.

Humor on shows of the last couple of decades is humor based on harrassment. Many young people believe that this is the way it really is in the real world!

It all is so sad really and very scarey!