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Monday, 14 April 2008

Seaking A New Job

Robin has to change his job, the wages have been cut so severely that we can't exist let alone live on the money we would have coming in. We don't go out or have any luxuries as it is (no! internet isn't a luxury it's a necessity!).
He has two job options and as this is us there is a difficulty or two in him doing either of them.

The first job pays what he is on now so the money hasn't gone up but the hours are less and he would be able to see our son more. The bad side is that he would be gone before our son has to leave and after his return trips to school. I can't walk as far as even halfway to school and my mobility scooter is dead. My son obviously can't walk himself to school seeing as he's four years old and even if he was older I wouldn't want him to walk alone no matter how quiet this village is or how good his orienteering skills were, map and compass anyone?
Oh and there's this point which I'm really keen on he will be delivering....... wait for it....... you're gonna love this

Oh yes!

Can't you just smell the stinking stench aroma?

BUT there is a bonus

The cat will love him to bits!

The second job is again driving and making deliveries, we won't know the money till his interview tomorrow but it will still mean difficulty with the school run and will mean nights away.

Why is nothing ever simple?

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