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Monday, 3 March 2008


I bet she'd rather have had something to improve her life or make things a bit easier.

Flower Power

In Iran, a woman known only as Hengameh took her husband to court for being stingy.

"Shortly after marriage I realized that Shahin was very cheap. He even refused to pay for my coffee if we went to a cafe or restaurant," she says.

When I first read the paragraph above I thought WTF? Why doesn't she just divorce him and buy her own damn coffee?
Then I noticed this is in Iran, where it's almost impossible to get a divorce (if you're female and you're the one that wants it). The same Iran where so I believe married women (or is it ALL women) aren't allowed to work. So she has no other option open to her as most likely she has no money of her own and is entirely under his financial control.

The court ruled that her husband must buy her 124,000 red roses as a fine (and punishment).

It's very sad that a romantic gesture like the giving of roses is a punishment. It just shows what little regard or respect he has for his wife and most likely women in general.

Authorities have seized the husband's apartment until every last rose is purchased.
Hopefully Hengameh wouldn't prefer chocolates.

The court should have asked her what punishment she would like to see happen to him as he's probably taking the money from the household budget for her personal needs or groceries. It's obvious he wont be the one going without to pay for them.

Although I think as this happened in Iran it's nothing short of a miracle that she was not only able to take him to court but also that the verdict went in her favour.

Suddenly Robin doesn't seem so bad lol.

** Full article is here

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