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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Sexy Three's.

This is my top three list of what makes a male and female sexy and why this is sexy in my humble opinion.
  1. Build & height.

    I like a man to be tall, around the 6 foot mark as being a short ass myself at barely 5 foot I need someone with height to reach the things I can't. Also a short man just doesn't seem very "manly" to me.
    I like a rugby build man specially if he is tall as well. It makes me feel really safe and a tall man with a biggish build doesn't generally have to deal with many troublemakers as they're put off by the size. Feeling safe and protected if need be is a very sexy feeling.
  2. The way he treats a woman.

    I don't like men who assume that females are less intelligent than them or incapable just because she is female. I like a man who is confident enough to feel comfortable if the woman is more intelligent than him. A man who will pull his weight and isn't sexist. I like good manners too like opening a door and listening and talking in reply not just grunting. A man that makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel wanted is very sexy mainly because you see them and the relationship in a good light.
  3. Intelligence.

    It doesn't matter to me how good looking or otherwise a man is (beauty fades in time) as long as he can hold a decent conversation and is intelligent enough to realise he doesn't know everything but is also able to enjoy learning new things whether it be by watching a tv documentry or by reading. In time someone who cannot hold a conversation on any subject will become a drain and become boring but someone who can hold a conversation will always be worth talking to. Words can be very sexy.


  1. Suntan.

    Everyone looks good / better with a suntan (although I don't mean that awful orange shade you see everywhere nowadays). A tan makes your teeth look whiter and it makes you look healthier. A smattering of freckles is a cute look and I would love to have some. When you know you look good then your whole attitude and even your pasture changes. There's no more slouching, trying to hide from the cold and there is also naked skin on display, although some women do take this too far. There is a way to dress for hot weather without looking like a "madam of the night."
  2. Clothing.

    Men are visual creatures (one of the reasons why porn and lingerie are aimed at men). It is possible to look "sexy but trashy (Britney Spears)" and many females fall into this trap, never realising that it is possible to be "sexy and classy". Less is definately more.
  3. Confidence / Attitude.

    A woman comfortable in who she is and in her own skin is sexy. No-one wants to spend much time with a giggling, simpering nincompoop or someone who is so shy they can barely hold a conversation. If you have a decent opinion of yourself and have confidence in who you are, your actions and beliefs then it shows and people will want to be with you because you are able to make valid comments and conversation.

** If I had to choose one thing that is sexy about me then according to the compliments I've had I'd say I have a nice "bottom". Yes, I've actually had comments on my behind and one even said it was my best feature. Not too sure that was a compliment to be honest. lol.
I guess I'm just glad someone finds something sexy about me even if I am usually sitting on it!

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Laura said...

Tall is nice too. I like a smile.