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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Is This Man Bush' Love-child?

I've recently checked my Technorati blog reactions and found a post of mine had been ripped apart by an American politician who decided to rip me apart and plagiarise one of my posts on the British education system.
He was using my post here to comment on the American education system and those who want the American government to pay for everything.

I'm sure you're all intelligent enough to have realised by now that I am in fact British and live (shock, horror) in England.
It's not completely surprising that the conservative politician, John Cox didn't.

You can read his plagiarism and utterly nasty and insulting post here.

It's so full of errors because he didn't bother to make sure I was American.

Makes me wonder what else he can't be bothered to do.

His post would be laughable if it wasn't so viciously insulting.
The nastyness and viciousness of this man is extreme even for a politician.

I have complained and pointed out that:
* I am in fact British and was commenting on the education system in England.
* I do not expect the American government or British for that matter to pay for everything.
* College education was until recently free in the U.K but is now so expensive that few can afford it.
* There is no free education for over 18's.
* We do not have anything remotely like community colleges.

It remains to be seen if he is decent enough to alter his blog and take off my copied and pasted (stolen) post used with no permission whatsoever to get his point of view across.

2 people have experienced mischief:

awannabe said...

That is fruity. I thought you said he was running for president. Well, he isn't one of the GOP candidates I have seen on any debate... and I've watched every one. You should Google this man and see if he is really a politician and not just another spam blogger :-D If this man is a politician then he is a bigger liar than Hilary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani put together... and thats a pretty big liar.

Kate said...

I just went over to have a look - he doesn't seem to have altered it and there is no sign of a comment from you. I left one of my own pointing out his errors, I'll paste it below because he might delete that too.

I'm so cross on your behalf! I mean if he wants to be snarky he could at least try to aim at the right targets. However, I don't think he is a presidential candidate - I suspect such a person would have aides to help them avoid such ridiculous blunders - he seems more like some right wing zealot. The sort of person who would read the Daily Heil in this country.

My Comment:

"She also argues that the government is now making money off of what used to be free. I believe she is getting her arguments mixed up, since a college education has never been free."

No, she isn't getting her arguments mixed up at all! If you had bothered to check out the rest of her blog, you would have realised that she lives in England, not America. Higher education was free in England up until very recently, and still is in Scotland. This policy was introduced despite a majority of English MPs voting against it and is enormously unpopular - after all, our current (Scottish) PM and his cronies all received the benefits of a free university education but they now deny that to a younger generation. Oh, and because this came about so suddenly, not only are there few to no scholarships, parents who are now having to pay university fees did not have the chance to prepare financially.