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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Unable to educate

I've wanted to further my education for ages, the trouble with becoming a parent & living is that it costs money & the paying of bills & paying for general daily life sucks all the money away I could have used in paying for a course never to be seen again. This leaves me with no money to use for my education because when all is said & done food, warmth, rent & my sons school fees are more important.
I know I would enjoy learning something new & I know I would pass with a good grade / qualification in whatever I chose to learn but financially I am unable to do so. Yes, there are courses that are free & available to all but these are in subjects such as "English as a second language" or "basic math skills" there are no courses for those who do not need help with basic numeracy & literacy & want to stretch their wings so to speak.
I would like to study some form of writing course, something like journalism or English literature, something that would turn my mushy mummy brain into an adult, working brain full of ideas, opinions & even knowledge but this seems unlikely to happen.
I could of course enrol in university & land myself & my family with crippling debt just to pay for this privelidge but we have more than enough debt as it is adding thousands to it is just not a viable option.
I had hoped the government would help those of us who would like to improve our education but unfortunately it seems like they are only interested in the money they can obtain by making students pay what had previously been free & thereby stopping adults from improving themselves through education unless they are willing to take on the financial strain of learning as an adult.
I hope that one day the government will realise that the population needs an education, needs to know how to add correctly, needs to be able to use & spell words correctly instead of using textspeak & graduates from other countries. I hope that when this happens the government will make it possible for all to continue their education & enhance their knowledge & skills improving not only life for many of us but also help to save & improve our manufacturing industries.
Taking a writing course is an impossible dream for me but I hope that soon it will be possible for all even those who are in dire straits financially.

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Anonymous said...

there are programs at a number of colleges, most notably women's colleges that provide scholarships specifically for older women. There are also a few private scholarship programs such as one run by Talbott's that provide scholarships for women over certain ages. If you want it, take some time do some research and look into options such as these before letting go of your desires.

Lennie said...

Check out community colleges in the area. See what programs are provided by your local library. There are many more options than your research has provided so far.

Also, the more you ask the government to provide the more freedoms and money they will take from you and your children.