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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

My Son The British American

My son has a new bestest ever friend at preschool and although I have never met him or his parents I know three things about him already.

i. He is called Ben.
ii. He is American.
iii. He says "oh man" a lot.

Kids like to copy their friends and people they like so now my son, born in England, with two British parents who have never even been to America now has begun speaking with a strong American accent and I mean strong.

If something goes wrong for him or is "so like totally unfair" (lol) he will exclaim "oh man" but the "a" in man lasts almost forever and is said in an accent a hillbilly would be proud of.

The currency of England has apparantly changed to and instead of pounds and pence is now dollars and pence and no amount of correction will change this belief.

His bestest ever, favouritest food is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which incidently he has never eaten as it isn't something we eat here in the U.K.
I don't even know what the U.K equivalent of jelly is.
Here in the U.K jelly is that wibbly wobbly gelatinous dessert normally eaten with ice-cream.

Now I know much of the tv we watch in this house is American but he is usually in bed when those shows are on and although I have occasionally used an American term for something instead of the English such as subway instead of underground I do not speak American English but U.K English.

I guess I should be grateful that he's got a friend, a BFF, but hearing your child speak with an accent from another country, one millions of miles away is a bit unsettling although cute at times.

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