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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Why I Blog (albeit badly).

Why do you blog?

You can talk about when you started, where you started, why you started, and for whom you started… (Even if, like me, you got into it by accident.) Make sure you talk about why you are blogging now, though. What made you blog today and why will you blog tomorrow?

Have fun exploring your beginnings and taking a few minutes to write about where you would like to be.

I decided to blog many months ago. It was going to be an online journal type of thing, something my son could look through when he is older and hopefully spark some lovely memories.

This is how I started but the blog soon took on a character of it's own and is now more of a dumping ground for the detritus of my life and anything I enjoy or find interesting.

I now have three blogs and each one is different from the others.

* I have a blog for my creative writing.
* I have a blog for my autobiographical writing and memories.
* I have a blog for my life and thoughts and everything else.

I love blogging and sharing with people, I can communicate so much better with the written word than if I was speaking.
I have found some very good friends through blogging and the majority of the blogging community are very friendly and supportive.
I can interact with people so easily through blogs and have some I read daily written by people I empathise with and consider friends albeit virtual ones.

In the future I expect I'll still be blogging even if I have no readers as it is the whole writing process I enjoy and readership although wonderful to have is an added bonus to me not the raison d'etre.

I don't understand why more people don't blog because it is such a fun, satisfying thing to do.
I think a lot of bloggers give up once they realise that only very few people make oodles of money for their blogging. They get disheartened and just fade away which is a shame because many blogs that were fun and interesting to read have fallen by the wayside.

I encourage everyone to have their own blog, there are so many free sites out there that will even do all the hard work for you with regards to layout and all you have to do is the writing.

Blogging is a favourite pastime of mine and could be yours too!

4 people have experienced mischief:

mutleythedog said...

I agree with you...I write and blog to meet people mostly..

awannabe said...

Oh...noes. Your son might read this someday? I'd better mind my p's and q's on commenting (naughty me.)

Hey, I've been to your other blogs. I'm hoping you will start posting on them more regularly... particularly your autobiography one. I like to read other peoples experiences and compare.

As for me, I never got into blogging for the money. I didn't want checks showing up in the mail or having to report such an income at tax time and tell hubby I have a blog. I'd rather blog for free and have a few loyal readers then not be able to write what I want to write about out of fear of my family... blah.

Kate said...

I mostly blog because it is something I enjoy doing. I get to write (and read) about new topics, and I meet lots of nice, interesting people. Who wouldn't want to do that :-)

JM said...

Nicely said. It's amazing how one blog for one thing can grow into much more.