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Saturday, 24 November 2007

I have a choice pain vs nausea.

I've been given some tablets by my family doctor that may just help conquer the pain in my hand, knees, feet and toes.

The tablets are called Gabapentin.

These tablets are specially formulated to combat the pain of
diabetic neuropathy. I hope they work and I will finally be able to walk more than 20 yards.

I had one tablet last night and discovered 06 side effects

1) Nausea.
2) Blurred vision.
3) Feeling slightly out of sync with my surroundings.
4) Unable to think or process anything.
5) Dizzyness.
6) Floating while not moving an iota.

Some people would pay good money to feel like that. Why is beyond me as I hated every minute of it. It was a living nightmare and this was on one tablet I'm meant to take two tonight then up it again to three tomorrow.
I'm not upping the does till Robin is off work I can't look after Marshall if I'm floating round the moon or in a different reality.
Still at least the nausea took my mind off the pain.

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