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Sunday, 25 November 2007

I Love To Move Around.

I get restless when I can’t move stuff around. How often do you rearrange things — whether it’s furniture, your blog, or the things on your desk?

Every so often I just have to change the furniture around specially in my living room. As we live, eat and sometimes sleep in the living room it quickly gets to feeling dated and same old - same old.
Moving furniture around and having a major clear out brings new life into the room and makes the time spent there much more pleasant.
I do this in all the other rooms too but it is the living room that gives you a new lease of life.

It's not just furniture I like to rearrange I do the same on my laptop. Files get put into new different folders, files not used are deleted and others are renamed.
This not only gives my laptop a new lease of life and some much needed memory but it helps me to find the stuff I just dumped somewhere instead of filing away logically and neatly.

I freely admit that I'm a messy person. Neatness is not part of my make-up I am little better than a slob and health issues make constant housework unlikely.
Of course living with two males does not help.
This is why I have to have a clear out every so often and of course you can't have a good clear out with taking advantage of it and rearranging the furniture too.

I even rearrange my handbag contents as I have a bad habit of never chucking anything out. Receipts, tickets, little toys I tote them all around in voluminous suitcases masquerading as handbags. Once these bags hurt my shoulder when I carry them it's time to get rid of the detritus and release my shoulder from pain.

There's so many reasons to move things around, it can be strangely empowering and gives a new lease of life. Anything that can do that can't be a bad thing.

2 people have experienced mischief:

Sue said...

That is the one thing I do constantly change - my handbag! I guess I have a purse fetish ... lol! My entry is online now too. If you have a moment please stop by :)

Xixi said...

I move things around a lot these days. My mind is a bit cluttered and rearranging things make me think clearly...

My first Blog Talkers post is now up. I hope you can visit mine :)