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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Pinching Pennies

When you have only one wage coming in and a not particularly good one at that.
When you have been turned down for help like council tax benefit (even though you know people in the same situation earning more than you have got it).
The essential thing in life is penny-pinching, going without and never going out or having any luxuries.
There are ways to spend less money on some things, so for fun (?) I'm listing mine here.

(01) Buy generic non brand foods.
although this is not for all items as some just aren't the
same like Heinz spaghetti for example. Washing powder I buy brand and non brand
because I have psoriasis and need to use a particular one only. The rest of the
family use the cheap, generic brand.

(02) Buy bargains.
Even if it's something you rarely eat as not only will it make a change but it's
on special so it will be cheaper than your usual item.

(03) >Buy in bulk
if possible as this will give you food you can store in your freezer
for another meal.

(04) Shop at the cheapest supermarkets you can find
Lidl or Aldi are cheaper than
Sainsbury's or Tesco.

(05) Cheaper cuts of meat
Can be used in a variety of meals with no detrimental effect on the taste.
Stews and casseroles make hearty, filling winter meals and can be made cheaply
and even better you can make enough to last a meal or three.

(06) Block calling mobiles from the house phone.
You can set up a pin number that you use to phone a mobile and keep it secret
from the kids. Do the same with pay-per-view Sky programmes.

(07) Buy clothes only when needed and not as a hobby.
Charity shops sell perfectly good items of clothing and you can update your
wardrobe with expensive classics for a fraction of the amount it would cost
in a regular store. Buy only in the cheaper stores.

(08) Always look at the bargain / reduced section.
What you may find could be an honest to god bargain.

(09) Don't drive everywhere.
If the destination is in walking distance then walk. The bonus is it will do
you, your mood and your health good.

(10) Use your library.
You can read the days papers free at the library and of course check out books
for free instead of buying them.

(11) Wear layers for warmth.
To keep warm wear more layers of clothing ie add a jumper and cardigan over that
thin t-shirt instead of turning up the heating or putting the fire on.

These are some of the ways I stretch our pennies out every month. Admittedly it isn't easy but it does become second nature after a while.
For the times when money is especially lacking school dinners can be a godsend as the food will be at least warm if not especially filling or healthy.

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awannabe said...

you have Aldi there too? Thats amazing...

I can't buy generic canned veggies. They have to be Del Monte. But we buy generic everything else.