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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The Desire For Playboy.

One of my favourite shows is The Girls Next Door known as "Girls of the Playboy mansion" in the U.K.
I love the insight it gives into their lives, the actual girls and I especially love the items you can buy with the rabbit head logo. (it's not entirely surprising a popular battery operated toy for women has the word "rabbit in it's name).

I like the three main girlfriends, Holly, Bridget and Kendra.

I think I like them because they come across as nice women, really nice women and not focused on money, money, money.
They aren't the most intelligent women in the world but it hasn't stopped them doing well for themselves.
They have used a pretty face and of course a not exactly flabby, scarred, covered in stretchmarks body and earned money, a lot of money, from posing for soft, artfully designed and posed photograph spreads.
They have appeared in films, have their own tv show, websites, fan clubs and perfumes. There's even a computer game.

My favourite is Hugh Hefner's
main girlfriend Holly, she obviously genuinely cares about Hugh Hefner, it's nice to see that good looking women aren't just out solely to obtain money. She's also funny and comes across as someone you would like to know, someone who would be a genuine friend.

I have quite a large collection of Playboy jewellery mostly fake necklaces and bracelets. I specially like the fact that they are sold on e-bay cheaply although I do wish they were better quality.
The genuine merchandise is more expensive but that doesn't stop me wanting to own it all.

I have just become the proud owner of a snuggly fleecy blanket, pink in colour, with the Playboy rabbit logo emblazoned all over it. It's lovely and snuggly and I'm feeling possessive over it.

I also have a rabbit head shaped cushion which is a genuine piece of merchandise. I can tell the difference between the cheaper fake cushions and my authentic one just the amount of filling in the cushion is obvious. It is jam packed, full to the brim
and so comfy I have to be forcibly pried off of it.

The entire Playboy enterprise is an example of marketing excellence, anything that could possibly be made with a bunny head on it has been made and is selling, not only selling, but, selling well.

I don't know why I love the Playboy stuff so much, I certainly don't look at the magazines. I have no interest in the boobs and photo spreads. I have no desire to be a bunny although having staff to do everything for me and no financial worries certainly looks good.

I love to watch the tv show, the whole lifestyle, and the way the three main girlfriends actually seem to care about a man old enough to be their grandfathers father is strangely heartwarming to see.

I highly recommend the show just leave all the merchandise alone.


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