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Monday, 26 November 2007

10 Reasons My Life Is Better Than A decade Ago.

This is a list of ten things / ways my life is better now than it was a decade ago.
I could have listed so many more than this it's really surprising to me just how much better my life is now compared to just a decade ago.
This is one fail - safe way to cheer yourself up when feeling down.

01) Spud.

A decade ago I still thought the hospital was correct when they said I would never be able to conceive.
My life was so empty before I had my son only I never felt the loss or the fact that my life was half lived.
He makes everything better and I'm a better person for him being in my life.

(note I said better not perfect, patient or less moany).

02) Robin.

He is more than a partner he is also a friend, supporter, cheerleader, chauffeur,
protector and daddy to my son. I can trust and rely on him implicitly and I know for certain he'd never knowingly hurt me.

(although his lack of common sense is at times infuriating).

03) My Work Life.

Ten years ago I was working in an awful social club filled with literally the dregs of society. I had recently been divorced and thought little of myself. It was not a good or healthy time for me and is probably the one time since my schooldays that had nothing at all on the good side.
Now I don't go out to work, I am a stay at home mum and while there is no pay, endless constant frustrations and non stop noise I am lucky to be able to do it.

04) My Weight.04) My Weight.

A decade ago I was chubby to say the least (although healthier than now). I couldn't look at myself from the side, it would make me cringe and shudder in disgust.
Exercise was not a solution for someone inherently lazy and I ate, a lot.
Now I'm around three or four stone lighter and want to put on a stone.
Some people are never satisfied.

05) Being Online.

I wasn't online ten years ago and never had been.
Even if social networking, blogging and web 2.0 did not exist back then there was still much online that I would have missed. Not least of all the company and entertainment factors.

06) Financial.

I may not be in a better situation financially at this time but things like day to day struggles and dealing with debt are much easier when there's two of you.

07) My Relationship With Mum.

I think my relationship is much stronger now than it was a decade ago. It could be down to me maturing (or my mum immaturing (I know that's not a word but it should be)). We seem to have more in common now possibly because we have had some similar experiences in the past decade or maybe I've just become better at caring about other people and their lives. Either way I love the fact I have such a good relationship with my mum.

08) TV Shows.

TV shows are much better now than they were on UK TV. I love shows such as CSI, Law And Order, Special Victims and of course House M.D. many weeks they are the only shows I watch. Many weeks they're the only thing on worth watching.

09) Knowing What I Want In Life.

I didn't really know a decade ago what I wanted out of life it has only been since 2003 that I finally started to realise what it is I want in life.
I know what I want now and hopefully I will be able to attain some of them like taking a writing course, further education and the kind of job I hope to work at.

10) My Home.

Ten years ago I could only dream of having a house to live in instead of a flat or maisonette as my situation (no children) and finances prohibited that from happening. Now I have a two bed mid terrace house and a son and partner to share it with.

My life is so much better now, it amazes me. I could never have seen any of it coming. I'm grateful for it every day.

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