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Friday, 5 October 2007

Reunion Schmunion.

Do you attend your high school reunions? Why or why not?

Almost every school in existence hosts reunions for their ex students, it is something many look forward to although I'm sure an equal number dread the very thought of them & others wouldn't even consider attending if their life depended on it. I fall into the last group.

I can imagine nothing worse than voluntarily spending an evening surrounded by people I disliked & who made me suicidally miserable when I was a teen. The very thought of being there with all my wrinkles & lumps & bumps on show reinforces my wish to never attend, maybe if I was Halle Berry or supermodel like (not Kate Moss, she's awful) I would be happy to attend even if no-one spoke to me, it's not as if I haven't had experience of this. I would be happy to attend in all my supermodel finery just so I could look down my nose at them all but as I'm more Rosie O'Donnell than superbabe it's not likely to happen.

I would attend only if I could look down on all of those who made my life so miserable & show them all my finesse, success & wealth. I would revel in their jealousy & ill will.

I think if I had had a better, friendlier, less miserable time when I was at school then maybe I wouldn't be quite so anti - reunions but as it stands they have no place in my life & thankfully never will. My last day at school was the best day of my life & I have no desire to ever revisit the source of so much personal misery.

2 people have experienced mischief:

kailani said...

I hear you. I was miserable in high school due to this one girl who was supposed to be my best friend. I have no interest in going to my renuions, too.

Thank you for playing along.

Gretchen said...

I didn't go to any of my high school reunions and never will. Why in the world would I pay to eat with people who made it their lives' missions to make me miserable?