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Friday, 5 October 2007

I thought being a grown up meant

Just spend five minutes writing about what your younger self thought being an adult would be like.
What sorts of freedoms did you think awaited you when you were finally all grown up?

I thought being a grown up meant the freedom to do as I wanted with no limits, my own life to be lived how I choose & where I choose & with fun all along the way.

When I was a teenager I could not wait to reach the magical age of 18. I wanted to be classed as a grown up, to be taken seriously & to embark on a proper, adult life with all I thought that entailed.

I thought being an adult would magically open all kinds of doors & bring forth amazing opportunities that mystically only appear once you become an adult.
I imagined myself being able to do & say anything I wanted with no constraints.

I thought that all my doubts & insecurities would magically disappear once I became an adult unfortunately I hadn't considered the effects of bills, financial liability, resposibility & the higher cost of everything from prescriptions to education.
These constraints are what hampers any personal freedom we may have as adults, we have to consider the effect our actions & words will have on others & ourselves. These are what makes an adult a "grown up" & although unrealised as teens the majority of us rise up to these responsabilities & survive.

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awannabe said...

When I was a teenager, all I wanted to do was find some guy to rescue me from my dad.

When I was little I dreamt of being a housewife. Thats what I saw my mom do, I thought thats what all moms did. But then I grew up, had kids, and wanted to go back to school.

Strange, huh?