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Thursday, 4 October 2007

I am mother (hear me roar)

How far would you go to get your kid what they want or need?

I love my son with all my being, my very heart & soul. He is the most important, the most amazing, special & unbelievably wonderful & precious person I know. Every hope & dream I have is either for my son or involves my son in one way or another.
I honestly don't know when this happened, when I stopped being materialistic & selfish & focused on my son & his future but it did & now I don't care about the latest technical gadget or fashion item, I don't even care as much about the things in my life I just want my son to be healthy, happy & successfull.

I willingly go without for my son, it is if not exactly a privelidge then something I am happy doing.
I will forgo things for me & my own life to improve his life and / or make him happy. A toy for example is much more important than a new pair of shoes even if my current ones have holes & are missing a heel.

There is nothing I would not do for my son even the unlikely actions of walking on hot coals with the heat searing my skin & burning it's imprint onto my sole (& soul) while I hop madly from one foot to the other or battling an unbeatable foe, a veritable Goliath to protect my son.

When it comes to my sons future & his safety & happyness I become something akin to a lioness protecting her cubs in a "I am the mother, hear me roar" kind of way. Nothing & no-one is as important to me as my son & I would commit any crime needed to provide him with the things he needs, nothing is out of the realms of possibility.

I don't believe I want anything unusual for my son, just good health, education, employment opportunities & a family & whatever it takes for my son to achieve this.
I want my son to be a happy, ethical, productive & caring member of society living a happy, successful life & god help anyone or anything that interferes with that.

I will not put up with or settle under any limitations in what my son wants to achieve in his life whether or not they are choices I agree with I will fight on his behalf & for him to help him make his dreams come true. This is after all a mothers job.

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How far would you go for your kids?

3 people have experienced mischief:

awannabe said...

That was inspiring. WTG.

meleah rebeccah said...

You are such an awesome mother!

Karianna said...

Those seemingly "simple" things you mention (health, happiness, appropriate school system) are definitely more challenging than you can ever imagine, aren't they?

Wish moms got recognition for the efforts the expend trying to move those mountains.