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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Recent Ramblings.

Just a couple of recent ramblings, conversation and occurances for my writing enjoyment. You, the reader, are just along for the ride.

* Marshall slept in bed with me last night as he's been having bad dreams. It seems to help him if he sleeps with me cuddling him.
He told me last night that I was his "best friend".

Cue rainbows, bluebirds singing sweetly and cute little puppies wearing red bows pitt pattering all over my heart.

This is the pinnacle of my success and I'm chuffed to bits.

* There's a site I've recently found This Is By Us. where you can post stories and articles you have written & earn a percentage of the advertising revenue earnt by the adverts on that page, it also depends on how popular / how many votes your post gets.

I earnt $2.75 for just one article.

Ok, so I'm not going to be able to live off my earnings but it's fantastic to have actually earnt something from it.

* We woke up one morning this week and couldnt find Robin's glasses anywhere. They weren't where Robin left them. The reason had to be that Marshall had moved them.

40 minutes of searching later and we still hadn't found them. We'd looked in all usual places like the toilet, on various stuffed animals, even under the sofa cushions but we still couldn't find them.

2 hours later I went to put my glasses back in their case so I could have a quick nap and lo and behold there were Robins glasses.

The clever, little bugger had put them in an empty glasses case!

* Marshall asked me "why do my pants go up in my bum?" Now, how the hell do you explain that case of physics to a just turned 4 year old?

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