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Monday, 29 October 2007

Mornings make me broken

There is a famous song titled "morning has broken" but in my world it's not mornings that are broken instead mornings make me broken.

There are days when you wake up full of life, full of enthusiasm for the day ahead, full of lust for life I however never have mornings like that. I can't really believe anybody really does although I've heard people say so. To me, mornings are almost a punishment for making it through the night. Or maybe they're a punishment for me being a night time person, nine p.m onwards is around the time I am at my best.

I hate the feeling of reality intruding in on my dreams and the glaring, blinding light that assaults the eyes as soon as they are opened no matter how blearily.
My bed is my haven from the world and I love to snuggle down and cocoon myself in the duvet. This is pure heaven for me, before the aches and pains of my ever aging body assault me anew.
Mornings are an intrusion, unwanted, unliked and uninvited.

Many people swear that their first cup of coffee in the morning, their first cigarette or a hot shower sets them up for the day, that may work for them but for me the only thing that helps me to face the day is time and lots of it. Old father time is well and truly ancient even by methuselean standards by the time Im totally awake and pleasant.

Not only can I not function or handle anyone even being in my line of vision let alone talking to me, I also have a severe aversion to food of any kind. Just the smell of food cooking such as bacon will churn my stomach until nausea sets in.
I cannot understand those who eat the traditional full english breakfast specially if it includes black pudding. Black pudding, cooked blood. No thanks. It's a huge meal, a cardiac insult on a plate and I would imagine it just sits heavily in the bottom of your stomach making you sluggish and giving dreams of inertia.

The worst place to wake up in the morning is in hospital, it is the ultimate in morning hell. Nurses will wake you up at six a.m for no evident logical reason and after two hours pass you will receive a breakfast that is not only extremely lukewarm but of dubious quality and of uncertain heritage. There is no going back to sleep as sounds rapidly reaches a crescendo by the time five minutes have passed, it is a forced waking and there is no reprieve.

The absolute worst thing about mornings for a night owl is living with someone who is a morning person, who the very second they open their eyes they are not only cheerful and energetic but also enthusiastic and worst of all talkative. Sadly for me I have just described my son. My son will open his eyes and then chatter and conversation erups in a non stop current that only finishes thirteen long hours later. This aspect of my son is the hardest parenting issue I have come across (so far although he isn't a teenager yet). We are polar opposites in the way we deal with mornings but I think I may have a solution as I'm sure ear plugs wont be effective but if I try and hope really hard maybe, just maybe I can get hubby to get up in the mornings instead of me!

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awannabe said...

Hummm... I'm not a morning person either. But I couldn't stay in bed unless I took a notebook or a journal with me. Writing is my haven from the world. I can't write when other people are around me so when my husband decides to take a couple extra days off from work giving himself a four day weekend instead of two, I go NUTS!!

Loralee Choate said...

I am SUCH a night owl! It's insane, really. I do not have a morning person husband, which is lovely, but it also means that we get quite sluggish on weekends!

When I was all over your country last month I was astounded at the breakfasts (I just don't get hungry until lunch). SO much food. I didn't have to eat until dinner.

I tried the black pudding.

EEEK, is all I can say about that (Though haggis was actually pretty tasty!)