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Saturday, 1 December 2007

A Letter To My Exes

This is a letter to my exes to thank them for a variety of things.

No names have been changed as the innocent wont mind and the guilty deserve to be shown for what they are.

Simon Ashworth.

You were my first boyfriend and I loved you deeply for two years which is a long time when you consider I was only fifteen and you were seventeen when we met.
I never made fun of your height or the fact that because you had hunched over to make yourself shorter for so long that your back was permanently hunched. I guess I just loved you so much that it never bothered me.
Once I went to college I met so many new people, I had real friends for the first time ever and the new experience and new things I was learning every day just meant we started to move and think in different ways. You stayed the same but I changed.

You should never have tried to blackmail me to stay with you by using threats of suicide. It just made me hate you and want you out of my life, forever.
Trying to run me over a year or so later was not a funny joke even if you thought so.
If your brakes hadn't worked or if your reactions had been slightly off you could have killed me.


John Andrews
You were important to me for three years, even the fact we only saw each other at weekends did not lessen my feelings. You felt the same about me, you told me often enough and I had so many little gifts from you as well as your actions that proved it.
We fell apart when you cheated, just the once and even though you regretted it so much I just couldn't forgive or forget. You didn't even tell me until you had no option. I can't forgive you not telling me voluntarily, it makes it all worse somehow. You were the first to teach me that even the most unlikely boys can cheat and it's one I've never forgotten.


We should never have married, you married me because in your eyes I was so different from the obedient women you knew in Morocco, perhaps too different. I married you because I mistook lust for love and you were bloody gorgeous.
If we could have lived together instead of having to get married because of immigration policies then I don't believe we ever would have.
I discovered a lot of the good and bad bits of marriage and a lot about the complete and utter bitch side of my personality and it may not have been a completely pleasant education but it is one I've never forgotten.


Ade Russell
We were together for so long and we went through some really bad stuff together but you let me down by choosing to believe those who were spreading rumours and being nasty about me even when it was obviously not true instead of your girlfriend of two years. I put up with a lot of nasty humour directed at you and at me because of you but it never affected how I felt or what I thought of you. Pity you can't say the same. You let me down when you did that and you showed me that no matter how secure I think the relationship is it will never be as secure as I think.


John Regan
I knew I shouldn't have married you when I went through with it but for some crazy reason I still did. You are, I believe mentally retarded, your severe lack of common sense or intelligence cannot be blamed on slight dyslexia.
You nearly killed me, I ended up in a coma because of you. You have damaged my health beyond repair. Someone lying in bed, sleeping 23 hours a day and only getting up to crawl to the toilet would have anyone with any feeling or sense phoning for an ambulance but not you. You were waiting for me to die.
You are such a nasty person that once you found out how happy I was later in my life you killed my cat.
You taught me that there is nothing a man wont stoop to do. You taught me that all men can and will hurt you if given the chance.

We met online, you swore you would only tell me the truth. You swore you would never hurt me, let me down or say / do anything against me. In the four years we have been together you have never given me cause to doubt you and now, I don't think you ever will. You've proved to me that some men can be trusted, that some men can and will look after you (even if you do leave a mess) and that some men are worth the love I give and even return it

Thank you

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awannabe said...

This is an interesting post. I was about to say, "not all men are bad or will hurt you," but then you wrote the post about Robin. If this is really true, then hang on tight. The good ones are rare.

And I don't believe your health is damaged beyond repair. I believe there is a God capable of healing you