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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Why Are We Not In Uproar?

Petrol is now £1.03 a litre that's $2.11 dollars a litre.

Why are we not complaining?

We did last year when prices reached £1 a litre.

Why is it not mentioned on the news or in the media?

Have they been silenced by someone? Some big organisation?
like (for example) the government?

Why are we not in uproar this price for a litre is ridiculous!

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awannabe said...

I like reading your blog particularly when you talk about what is going on in Europe. I didn't know that you too had an oil crisis, but that make sense. I've heard that the global economy is going to shift to Europe and the Euro. Perhaps your country's struggles are temporary. Unfortunately the US is a sinking ship... I just heard that our gas heating bill will double this winter, and I know our electric bill doubled last summer. It sucks.