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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

My Addiction or Why I'm A BAD Influence

Are you ADDICTED to your Internet ?

I’ve recently had to last two whole days without internet access as BT slowly repaired a technical problem on my phone-line, & no, I did in no way, shape or form obtain a monetary reduction on this months bill. This means no cartwheels across the floor which is just as well as I would undoubtedly crumple, land on my bottom & slide across the carpet while achieving an “oh so sexy” carpet burn of momentous proportions. BTW I am not an athlete so this would also involve pain & loud, non-stop laughter from my oh (not) so caring & compassionate family.

I am rather ashamed to admit that I really miss my internet access, much more than I should & going without has if not left a wide gaping black hole that is hiding all my entertainment, friendships & …………. well, everything really then really peed me off & no, I don’t mean annoyed or slightly irked I’m annoyed in a “I am woman, hear me ROAR” kind of way.

I can recite the websites I want to visit, the blogs I want to read even the items I want to look at on e-bay but I cannot get to them, they are tantalisingly just out of reach.

I’m lucky in that I am capable of entertaining myself in other ways, I could read my book or do some more of my craft project or I could do some housework but I don’t want to so I wont. I will sit at my pc & do stuff on windows instead, I will play solitaire or sort out my photos into separate folders,
This brings a startling realisation, this is exactly what my son does it’s a kind of sulk & the knowledge isn’t making me happy. I can picture him doing this when something he wants to do is vetoed like cutting with grown up scissors or shoving bread up his nose. He will sulk when he cannot do what he wants & nothing else will be good enough to take it’s place.

“It’s called sulking & he gets it from me”

Oh the embarrassment & the shame !

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