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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Thursday 13. #1.

Thirteen Things about Madamspud169

13 Foods I like To Eat.

01. Roast potatoes (crispy outside, fluffy inside.
02. Tomato & mozarella salad.
03. Stuffed sweet peppers.
04. Stuffed tomatoes.
05. Bacon sandwich
06. Cheese on toast with thinly sliced tomato under the cheese.
07. Spaghetti bolognaise.
08. Quiche specially vegetarian.
09. Hot dogs with proper sausage, onions & ketchup.
10. Carrot cake.
11. Hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream.
12. Deep fried brie in breadcrumbs & mayonnaise.
13. Walnuts.

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