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Saturday, 21 July 2007

We're Flooded

After the flooding further North a couple of weeks ago that we laughed at smugly, secure in our lovely, warm, dry homes we have been hit by flooding. It won't stop my sarcastic turn of humour though.

We have been cut off due to the surface water still on the roads & the grass verges are nothing
more than car graveyards with cars that have been struck by the ignorant 4x4 drivers who will not slow down through the mini lakes on the road & send great tidal waves of water whooshing through to soak the engine & kill the littler ones.
It's amazing the selfishness of some drivers & 4x4 drivers are among the worst. My hubby works as a car recovery driver & I really hope these 4x4's we encountered break down & he gets the job of recovering them.

We tried to get out & get some electric the day after the heavy rains but we could not get through on any of the roads, even the 4x4's that weren't driven by idiots were taking it slow.

People tend to badmouth the lorry drivers but those were the ones who were warning cars about the levels & where the worst bits were, it always surprises me that they never get acknowledged for the helpfulness & politeness not to mention good driving many of them show on a daily basis.

Anyone want to bet on the likelihood there will
a hosepipe ban later on in the year due to the
annual expected drought?

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Wow...that's alot of rain!

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