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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Luckier than a 4 leaf clover

I have to admit a "surprising" fact here...... I am the luckiest
person in the world ever.
I log on to my p.c in the morning & almost daily I've been sent notification e-mails of winning prizes on lotteries I never even entered. How amazing is that ? I don't even enter these lotteries & I win millions of pounds, I am sooo lucky !
I also get asked to put millions into my bank account usually from Nigeria where just for letting these people deposit vast sums of money I get to keep thousands. I don't know where they get my name from but every day I get 7 or 8 e-mails asking my help in doing this. Again that is just luck as they all know how honest & trustworthy I am but I've never heard of them.
I must have one hell of a guardian angel trying to make me rich................... or could it just be spam & fishing e-mails ?
Oh wait I have a modicum of common sense that must be why I never open these e-mails or respond to them.

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