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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

True Wife Confession

I saw this confession on the "true wife confessions" site & it rang all the bells I have in my head ringing, not just ringing but clanging with sparks flying off them.
I so know how this woman feels sometimes, of course things aren't always bad but god it does me good to vent just ask my poor mother who has the privelidged position of listening to me.

Confession #1973

I miss you so much when you are not home but when we are home together all Ican do is gripe at you. I come home ready to see you and give you a hug but then I notice that the trash hasn't been taken to the curb or you've left all the lights on in your shop when you're in the house.
And I get so frustrated the first words out of my mouth to you are nagging and mean.
Ido love you, but it is so hard for me to show affection when I feel like you are constantly letting me down.
I wish we could get that "spark" back between us.
When you act apathetic about getting things done to help me,
I get apathetic about wanting to be around you.

Maybe this woman & I just expect too much but just for once wouldn't it be nice to spend a week in tv advert land (where all the women have flat stomachs) where the men are gorgeous & even handy, fixing things & cooking wonderful looking meals then listening to you while the kids are angels & the house is not only tidy but also clean & fashionable,
ok I agree I do want miracles.

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