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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Loss Of The Stray (sad)

When I moved to this house three years ago there was a stray cat that used to peek in any open doors, she's obviously been a stray for some time (most likely left behind when someone moved) but you could tell she had been an absolutely gorgeous cat possible even quite affectionate at one time although by the time I moved here she was seriously riddled with all kinds of illnesses & disease, she didn't even have any teeth.
I started feeding it a couple of months ago, I couldn't find any organisation or charity that would help her & I couldn't go near her I had to think of Marshall & the diseases she obviously had she really did look like she wasn't long for this world.

Looking out of my kitchen window this morning I can see the poor things body so I've phoned the council to come & remove it & I haven't stopped crying since.

I don't know if I helped her or if all I did was prolong it's agony & pain by feeding her but I just couldn't leave it to starve even all the other cats around here left it alone to live in peace.
I just hope she died peacefully with no extra pain.

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diddlinaknits said...

awww poor kitty-i love kitties but she is in a much better place now :) i am ure she appreciated what you did for her-at least she didnt have the added pain of being hungry on top of all her other illnesses.

madamspud169 said...

I sure hope so but I keep wondering if all I did was prolong her suffering by giving her enough food to keep going that little bit longer. I'm sure she appreciated it though after all she picked my home as the final resting place so she must have felt something here if only a bit of security.