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Saturday, 28 July 2007

I won @ Blog Days Of Summer.

As most of you know Shannon over at her blog Rocks In My Dryer recently held a mega giveaway where other blogs could give things away be it shop bought or handmade & it was very easy to enter, all you had to do was:

1) click on the blog links listed

2) read the blogs to see what was being given away

3) post a comment about the prize being given.

Many of the prizes being given I was not eligible for as they would only be sent to addresses in the U.S but a few were international & I entered for the ones I especially liked.

Well a miracle happened not only did I find some blogs I really liked but I also found some new Etsy stores & I WON, yes me, with all my spectres of bad luck in attendance as usual I won!

This below is what I have been fortunate enough to win

It's a thermally lined, lime green tote bag from the "two's company" brand. I won it from the BonBon boutique's blog giveaway bonbon boutique
I'm chuffed to bits with this because as you all know you can never have too many handbags & this one is thermally lined so my bottles of pop will stay colder for that much longer (& the moths from my purse will end up freeze dried / comment courtesy of Robin who thinks he's funny but really isn't).
Anyway, I'm really pleased I won this I just hope the shipping doesn't take too long.

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Christy said...

I'm so glad you won it too! It will be on it's way soon!