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Friday, 27 July 2007

Words used often become routine.

Apparently it takes a toddler 500 times of hearing a word before they use it themselves.
Clearly I say “no” and “be quiet”or "shut up" way too often.

The above got me thinking if it takes 500 repetitions for a toddler to pick up certain words & phrases then many, many young mothers must have only one topic of conversation namely talking about bits of their anatomy & special activities for mummies & daddies alone & surprisingly I've even heard of toddlers who know about "special trouser kisses" for want of another phrase.

What on earth do these people think they are teaching their kids or are their morals & ethics not to mention manners so screwed up that they're non existant. How can we expect good manners & morals from our young kids when their parents don't have the slightest idea about them?

Thus ends the day's moral blog entry by me lol I'm by no means perfect but I was so shocked when before my son could even speak sentences he could say "shit". I'd never realised how much I said it but I tried to use it much less than I did. So yes, I'm staying on this moral highground care to join me ?

2 people have experienced mischief:

Christy said...

CONGRATS!! You won my prize giveaway. Please email me with your address. Thanks!

Nikki said...

Aaahhh yes. I have found myself uttering some fantastic words. In fact for a few years shorty thought his name was "shitpot" yea. That was fun to explain to the doctor. I am working on the moral high ground. If anything Peanut will think his name is Peanut or Butter or both.