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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Sundays moans & groans #2.

20+ years behind everyone else. (out-of-date & out of style).

Why is it that I have either not left the eighties or that my tastes have not moved forward & changed, after all the eighties were nearly 30 years ago! But (& yes I know you shouldn't start a sentence with the word "but") my music tastes have stuck in the eighties, give me a nice, sunny day & the mood to blast some music out & I play my c.d's from the eighties & I'm happy even if the neighbours aren't.

I'm not a rock girl or punk, pop or even emo (although I'm not too sure exactly what "emo" is) I love the eighties. I'm much happier playing my "ace of base" or "UB40" I've even been known to play a bit of "bananarama" & "shaggy" but "Jessica Simpson" or "Britney" or that supposed sex-god "Justin Timberlake", well, I don't think so somehow.

Tv shows are another instance, I loved & still do shows from the 80's like "Golden Girls", "The Fall Guy", "Soap" & "St Elsewhere". I can remember waiting all week for the next "knightrider" episode or "Dynasty" show.

Am I the only one that is pleased these shows are being rerun ? Although they don't seem to be quite as good as I remember somehow. I watched reruns of "The Fall Guy", "A-Team" & "Roseanne" recently & they were ok, a bit dated perhaps & the plot lines & acting were atrocious. Mind you I never used to know what was going to happen in "Hart to Hart" so maybe I wasn't exactly the best judge of tv shows back then lol.

Then there's the so called fashion I was too big for them back in the 80's my tummy was just too big & the fashions were all layers & lycra none of which forgiving to rolls of puppy fat, oh ok, rolls of fat.

Now, I have lost the spare tyres but have gained years instead so the clothes are still out of reach.

Mutton & lamb are not words I'd like associated with me although I'm agreeable to "hot", "sexy" & the most flattering of all "milf".

Who wouldn't want to be a "milf" as that one means wrinkles & crinkles & the toll of decades don't even show! Mind you if being a "milf" means having to shave my legs all the time & breathe in I might just be happy to give it a miss.

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Kathie said...

I like the 80s too. Enjoyed visiting your blog.

Kathie in Costa Rica