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Monday, 16 July 2007

The Air Show Post

I never thought I would enjoy an air show as much as I did this one. I mean, it's a sodding plane & to be honest as long as it gets me to my holiday destination & stays up in the air while I'm on it then that's all that matters to me.
This air show showed me something I never would have guessed, planes can actually be sexy & I don't just mean the pilots (although never say never)............................... sorry just had a vision of Top Gun & it would just be darn rude to interrupt now wouldn't it!

The photo above is a F16, now don't go thinking that it doesn't look like much because good things can come in surprising packages & even the heavenly George Clooney farts & has morning breath. When this plane (& the B1) pass you the ground actually shakes & you can feel the noise under the ribs it's a brilliant feeling (in a totally non sexual way) & the twists & turns & of course the speed is really impressive to watch.
The other plane I was impressed with was the "stealth bomber" this is the one that radar cannot detect & it looks really alien too.

I was surprised you could take photos of it although I didn't feel comfortable taking many because of the armed police guarding it, the way they were watching everyone you just knew they had a shoot first ask questions second policy. AND yes it is also a sexy plane but I think that's because it's sneaky (not detected by radar) it can do what it likes & get away with it (a bit like our government but that's a different story).

We didn't take "Spud" with us because the afterburn & noise would have been too much for him & there's no way he would keep ear defenders on for more than 2 minutes no matter how much we tried to make him but who knows maybe next year if my common sense genes & logic replace the ones he currently has from hubby he would wear them long enough for him to enjoy it. I could make a remark here about how I shouldn't expect too much he is male after all but I think that goes without saying.

Sorry to disappoint those waiting but no air force crew photos as my camera & I are having problems mainly being I take a photo of something & I either miss half of it or it's too dark to see it's annoying because I found some adonis looking Czech pilots but you'll have to take my word for it as the photo showed nothing of the sort (sigh) at least I still have the vision of them in uniform & the obligatory shades.
Isn't it a shame you don't ha ha ha

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