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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

MMR - News Of The World Newspaper.


Sunday May 11, 2008. News Of The World Newspaper.
By Lucy Johnston

CHILDREN could be barred from school unless they have been given all their vaccinations.

The controversial proposal, to be published next week, has been drawn up for Labour’s next election manifesto.
A further proposal suggests that parents who refuse to have offspring immunised could lose their child benefits.
The plans have sparked fresh accusations of “nanny state” government and outraged health campaigners and doctors.

In other words how dare the ignorant people we rule over dare to believe they can think for themselves or have any say in their or their childrens lives. The government will tell us what to do and when and we will not be allowed to think or act for ourselves. George Orwell was closer than he thought when he wrote 1984, his only error was being twenty years or so wrong about the date.
Not only does this government incorporate as many vaccines as possible into one (because it's cheaper that way) but it is also going to penalise any parent who wants to put their child first and limit the risk of side effects and autism through not getting this triple vaccine. I know of many parents who are more than willing to immunise their children with the single vaccines, however the government has made this option impossible to find in the UK with those parents rich enough having to go abroad to get them.

The plan was last night condemned by leading author Dr Richard Halvorsen as “unethical, immoral and entirely wrong”, while a support group for vaccine-damaged children accused Labour of imposing its will on families.

The government can't force those parents unwilling to take the cheapest option so they will use blackmail to force it on them instead, not only by removing any other option such as single vaccines but also via financial means and education.

The plan to bar children from schools was drawn up by the influential Left-wing think tank, the Fabian Society, for Labour’s manifesto.
The plan had been based on systems in the United States where school authorities are responsible for vaccination. “It would be up to local authorities to deal with individuals who refuse to vaccinate.”
The Wakefield MP added: “There would have to be exceptions, children who would be at risk from vaccines like those with cancer or those who are HIV-positive and those with parents with strong religious beliefs.”

The proposals come as Sir Sandy Macara, former chair of the British Medical Association, is calling for the uptake of vaccines to be linked to child benefit.
His justification, also to be published next week by the the Fabian Society, is that childhood vaccines are for public good, not just individual benefit.

That's all very well for him to say as it isn't him who would have to live with the knowledge that the vaccine triggered their childs illness nor would he have to live with all these adverse reactions would entail. It certainly wouldn't cost him any sleepless nights specially as there is next to no help for parents od disabled / seriously ill children as it is. It may be the case that this is for the public good and we shouldn't be so worried about the individuals but for me even one child being affected badly by this innoculation is one child too many.

However, the proposal would almost certainly lead to a legal challenge, with non-religious parents arguing they had as much say on their children’s well-being as those with religious convictions.

Dr Halvorsen, author of the book The Truth About Vaccines has just opened a Harley Street baby clinic offering parents the choice of single vaccines. He said: “It is unethical, immoral and entirely wrong to force parents to have a medical intervention with known risks against their will.
“If I had to vaccinate my child or be barred from school I would make a legal challenge. It’s an abuse of human rights.”
He added: “The reason why we no longer have thousands of children dying from measles and other diseases is not because of immunisation but improved standards of living, nutrition and hygiene. Vaccines have made only a tiny contribution.”

Allison Edwards’s son Jonathon was left handicapped after he had the combined MMR jab at 14 months.
Mrs Edwards, 44, from Telford, Shropshire, now campaigns for the pressure group Jabs. She said: “This Government seems hell-bent on imposing its will on everyone. I urge parents to think very carefully before agreeing to the single jab.
“This type of bully-boy tactic proves how out of touch this Government is, and why it is suffering in the polls.”

Shadow Health Minister Mike Penning said: “There is an appalling outbreak of mumps and rubella and tragically it’s because parents are not vaccinating their children.
“In some cases parents are too educated, rather than ignorant, and they have genuine concerns.
“By blackmailing parents in this way the Government would be running away from an important debate instead of educating people as to why they should be giving their children the MMR jab.”

British babies have one of the intense inoculation regimes in the world, with 25 vaccines before they are 15 months. This has nearly doubled over the past two decades.

Many experts say combined jabs can have serious side-effects and want parents to be offered single vaccines.

The government don't want to hear this because it would mean having to spend more money per child by giving single vaccines. The ministers themselves aren't affected by the one in a thousand children who end up autistic or ill in some way through this triple innoculation. It doesn't cost the government any extra money as they don't help financially or with facilities the parents are left to just get on with it.
Surely one child affected is one child too many when there is a safer option possible it just costs more money.

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