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Sunday, 11 May 2008

BlogTalkers - My Imaginary Life.

Blog Talkers Talk #72

This week will be tough. I will not be supplying any questions to prompt you this week, please interpret this any way you wish. Anything goes. Here’s this week’s writing prompt:

My imaginary life.

I don't have an imaginary life as much as an exaggerated one. I embellish boring, humdrum days so they sound better to others. I wouldn't want anyone to know just how soul destroying some of my days are, I don't want the pity. I have enough pity for myself as it is without others adding to it. So I exaggerate as much as I can.
I really need to live more of my imaginary life than my real, boring life.

3 people have experienced mischief:

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Yes, it would be fun to live in your imaginary life at times. Like going to an amusement park and having some real fun.

anthonynorth said...

Writers DO live more in their imaginery lives, I think.

tkwi said...

Oh, I wish I could live in imaginary land again. But I'm discovering things in the real world... an adventure of sorts.