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Sunday, 9 March 2008


Blog Talkers Talk #63

What is the most extravagant single item purchase you have ever made, other than a house or car? Why did you purchase that item? Did you regret it later?

The biggest bargain I've ever found was a car, in perfect working order which I got off FREECYCLE.ORG.
The most extravagant item would be my tv for the lounge or my laptop as both cost the same amount more or less. I know it makes me sound really technologically savvy, but, trust me, I'm really not. I just know what I know and if it's beyond me then I'll admit that rather than trying to guess. Strangely a lot of people will use guesswork rather than just admitting they don't know.

Nowadays petrol is an extravagance specially as it's now £104.9 a litre (that's a metric litre for those in the U.S). Most of that is tax given to our money-grasping government for no actual, discernible benefit to us, the people who live here.

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Skittles said...

Me and hubby have spent a little bit of time recently trying to decide if we wanted a laptop. We thought since we love our road trips, it would be handy to have one to research the areas we wind up in.

We're still deciding. :)

Sue said...

Petrol is very expensive now here in Canada too! And ditto on the taxes!

My Blog Talkers is now online if you have some time stop by :)

Rebecca said...

My husband has a work laptop and we have a family laptop that we have as a grab and go in the event of an earthquake. We had a desktop, but figured if we had to unhook everything it would take precious time if we had to get out in a hurry. Gas here is outrageous. 3.30 US a gallon for regular and climbing. I have no idea if we will do anything for the summer.

I did my Blog Talkers and it is up, too!

Eliza said...

we got a few pets this way once. I got rid of a ton of items. Love freecycle.