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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Budget Smudget.

It's budget day here in the increasingly over-priced U.K and this years budget has done nothing to help the millions of Brits teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, unable to even put decent food on the table.
Just look at what we'll be paying now:

The Chancellor set out plans to overhaul vehicle excise duty and introduce a new "showroom tax" to hit the drivers of the most polluting vehicles.

At the same time he put up alcohol duties by 6% above inflation.

As a result beer will go up 4p a pint
cider 3p a litre
wine 14p a bottle
spirits 55p a bottle

A packet of 20 cigarettes will cost another 11p, making the average price £4.60
($9.20 US dollars).
while a packet of five cigars will cost an extra 4p.

Mr Darling also warned he would impose a charge on disposable plastic bags unless retailers took action to curb their use.

However, his attempts to establish his "green" credentials were hampered by the decision to defer a planned 2p increase in fuel duty. Fuel is currently £104.9 a litre ($2.08 US dollars).
It was due to come in on April 1 but has been postponed until October 1.

Mr Darling said his "responsible" measures would enable him to take further measures to cut child poverty.

Quite how this will end child poverty when it will mean we have to pay more for everything giving us less for more money is anyones guess.
Like all politicians he has hit the poorest, less able to afford the higher prices which is pretty much a daily occurance

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tkwi said...

Since the world economy is shifting to the EU, won't that help the UK in the long run?

A pack of cigs is about $3.50 Us dollars here. It seems like every year it goes up 50 cents a pack now, trying to curb people from smoking.

Are there still a lot of smokers with them being so high there? Or does it deter people from smoking?

What is minimum wage there? It is $5.75 US dollars here.

Gasoline is $3.40 a gallon...