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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Latest Buzz.

I just love watching my son doing the activities to help Dora, Diego and the Little Einsteins.
He's so cute when he's doing things like running on the spot to help Dora catch something or when he's shouting "faster" or "higher" or whatever the hell he has to do. He gets so into it that he wouldn't even notice if a bomb went off right next to him.

I just love watching him be that involved it's just a shame I can't stand Dora or Diego.

Marshall has chicken pox. He's covered in spots although so far he's not itchy or bratty, well, no more than normal anyway. The strange thing is over the last couple of days he has wet himself whether he just couldn't be bothered to go to the loo in time or if it's tied in with the chicken pox I don't know. He did tell nanny on the phone that his willy exploded although what he's describing I can't quite figure out. I did think it might be an explanation of ejaculation (god he's too young for that surely?) but there's been no sign of that & his pants are wet. It's urine thankfully. The explosion part is the bit I'm confused about. I'm hoping it's just because there's a spot or something near his willy and that's whats made weeing feel funny.
I bought a pair of slippers, they were on sale and cost me £4.99, reduced from £14.99. Bargain, brilliant only..................................... you know what's coming don't you. They arrived today, 5 days later along with the new stock leaflet and sale bargains and they've been reduced further.
They're now £1.99. I paid £4.99.
I hate it when that happens.
I watched the CSI VEGAS last night where Sara Sidle leaves, it was so sad I cried for half an hour. It was her goodbye letter that did it specially when she said he was her one and only.
Actors don't stay in shows like they used to nowadays and getting really into a character or that characters relationship is destined to lead to a crying session during an episode at some time.
Still, I'm sad she has left and hope she comes back and they have a happy ending even if it is tv land.
I read in the Daily Star newspaper on Saturday that the latest government idea to pick on smokers is to force them to pay £10 every year for an I.D card so they can buy cigarettes.
The forms are going to be lengthy and involved so people will be persuaded to give up.
Cigarettes are legal so how can people need a special card, literally a licence to buy them?
They want to make a pint of lager / beer / cider £4 which is outraging all those people who thought that smokers having to go outside in the freezing cold for a smoke was funny.
What goes around comes around. They should have thought about how the govt was taking away peoples freedom to choose when they were riding roughshod over the smokers.
Cheryl Cole has taken back and forgiven new husband Ashley for his cheating on her. What a wonderful role model! Why have these women no sense of self worth or self respect?
If Robin cheated on me he'd be out that door so bloody quick and I'd never, ever have him back.
How can he think anything of her or their marriage if he's willing to risk it all for a quick tumble?
But then, maybe he knew he would be safe because he is rich and she loves the lifestyle / money and will do whatever to keep it in her grasp.

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