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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

He's On Fire

The childrens song goes "Liar, liar, pants on fire" and if it's true then all of my sons underwear must be charred cinders.

My son who I could always rely upon to tell me the truth even if it meant he got in trouble has now become addicted to telling lies. Big ones, little ones, any ones at all. Even ones for no apparant reason.

Just today (and this is only one example out of the twenty this afternoon alone) he took two bananas out of the kitchen, took them upstairs to the bathroom and "artistically" arranged them in the empty toilet roll tube.
Why I have no idea lol.
When I discovered his artistic endeavour and asked him why, he denied doing it at least twenty times and blamed it on the puppy.

Another example "have you seen daddy's car keys?" he says no umpteen times but they're in his toybox. He didn't put them there though. It was one of the usual suspects being:

* the puppy.
* ghost / monster.
* whichever parent isn't there.
* don't know, not me.

I know it's a phase, he's four years old after all I just hope it's a quick, passing one because I'm really having trouble dealing with this one. It hurts when my son lies to me, really hurts.

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