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Friday, 8 February 2008

Invite To Dinner

I am currently feeling:

* happy
* chuffed
* relieved
* proud
* thankful
* oh, so many emotions and all of them good.

Finally I have something wonderful to talk about, after all the bad I have something I'm excited about even though it isn't really for me or anything to do with me.

When I was growing up I only had the odd short-lived friendship here and there. I spent most of my time on my own and that includes school, school daytrips and every evening and weekend. I just couldn't make friends (still can't but with a husband and son I don't feel the lack as much).

I was so pleased when my preschooler got himself a bestest ever friend who liked my son as much as my son liked him. The heartbreak we both went through when his friend went to "big school" really did hurt us both. He hasn't really had a preferred friend since, although he was infatuated with a girl called Claudia for a while. He blatant lack of interest soon put a stop to that.

Recently when I ask him about what he did at playschool or who he played with instead of the usual "nothing" he has mentioned a couple of names one girls name he especially mentioned when it came to playing with and that was Sophie.
It's good to know he has friends again and that at the moment girls aren't "yucky" I'm sure that's not far away though.

I had a phonecall from Sophies mum today inviting my son for tea on Friday. Apparantly she likes him as much as he likes her. How long till they are "yucky" to each other I don't know but I'm going to bolster this friendship while I can.

Any guesses when the opposite sex start being "yucky"?

I'd been so worried he'd be friendless like me, I don't want him to go through childhood looking at people playing together while he stands alone trying to pretend he doesn't care. I had nightmares about him feeling second or third rate and unliked.
I used to cry just at the thought. I think it's something mothers do, the worrying over things we can't control, the looking for bad things so we can be prepared in advance or so we can protect our kids sense of self-value.

I am so proud of my little boy because even though he has half my genes he is capable of making and keeping friends. A new friend who talks about him all the time (according to her mum) and who has used that age old weapon of pester-power to get her friend of choice (my son) to visit for tea.

I'm so happy I could cry (in fact I did while typing this).

2 people have experienced mischief:

awannabe said...

The lack of genes thing may not be the genes. It could be the environment. The more stable your boy's life is, the better off he will be :-)

I worried about my kids too, but they are both extremely social like my husband.

Unlike me, they've never had to switch schools. That helps.

Skittles said...

We do feel the pain our kids feel. I remember when my oldest son, now 33, was in about 6th grade and he had a HUGE crush on a girl. I still remember her name, too. Rose. She broke his heart.