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Friday, 25 January 2008

Mr Perfect (in an idealised way).

When it comes to the idealised man, the perfect man if you will, there's only one man who ticks all the boxes on my list.

He's an actor and totally believable in every character he plays even the shows where the entire idea is unbelievable.

This man is a good provider, an amazing handyman, non drinker, honest, strong, an amazing father, a good looking man with a strong set of values and morals.

A man you could always rely on to be there for you, to work hard, to be someone you could always rely on to help, support and love you through everything. The most amazing thing of all is that this is one of the few men in the world that you could swear would never be unfaithful.

In case you are wondering just who this amazing man is I have to say that I liked him in all the shows he did as a young man and specially as an older man, like a fine wine he just got better with age.

Here's my idealised man:
Mr Charles Ingalls.
I just love "Little House On The Prairie" and "Highway To Heaven" and he was totally lovely in both.

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