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Thursday, 24 January 2008

The beauty of silence.

Oh the joys of having a little boy back to non-stop noise and by that I mean screaming, yelling, being a siren and repeating the same sentence 85096543 times in the exact same tone designed to grate on my ears.

He's been home from school around 8 hours now and I've had to go hide in the toilet so I could cry. I don't mean little delicate sobs more pulling my hair out, gut wrenching ones.
He is ignoring everything I say and doing what the hell he wants. He is mouthing me and arguing with me totally adamant that I am wrong / stupid / thick / cruel and most likely the most horrible mum to ever exist.

When he was ill I so wanted him to be better but I didn't mean to be well again and be nasty with it. It's like I've been given a devil-child, super strength mixed with a healthy dose of caffeine so he can go on and on and on.

It's nearly bedtime now, 30 minutes to go and thank god. My easily exhaustible and very limited supply of patience has run out.

Don't misunderstand me you people out there I'm not regretting being a mum and I certainly don't regret having my son. I just need to scream / rant / vent / complain at someone and it's you that has gotten lumbered.

I love him to bits really but tonight, bedtime can't come soon enough. For me if not for him.

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SarahC♥ said...

How did your son learn to disrespect you? No wonder you are sat in a toilet wanting to scream! It's bad enough (for me) having the abuse coming from the husband, i don't think i could bare having it come out of a mouth i gave birth to!
You have to be STRONG and ignore. Do not argue with him...whats the point, he's a boy and boys think they know EVERYTHING.
When he's in bed, put your feet up and RELAX...ready for the next morning :)